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pd-mock-up2Wausau Paper offers a comprehensive line of premium and green products certified by Green Seal™ as well as complementary controlled-use dispensing systems for the away-from-home market. We offer unique brands of towel and tissue products: Artisan®, DublSoft®, DublNature® and EcoSoft®. Each brand, with its own unique attributes and benefits, offers customers high-quality products with exceptional performance.

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Towel and Tissue

Artisan® premium towels are carefully crafted to offer superior sophistication for high-end facilities. Artisan® is Green Seal™-certified to support sustainability while providing luxury and comfort.

DublNature® products are designed for comfort and functionality. DublNature® towels and tissue are Green Seal™ certified and made from high-quality wastepaper using innovative technology for exceptional softness, strength, absorbency and brightness.

EcoSoft® paper products are made from 100% recycled wastepaper and meets the demand for recycled products, while continuing to meet your need for softness and quality.


Green Leadership

green-lit-mockupWausau Paper has a long history of offering products that meet both the needs of our customers and the changing demands of the market. This is demonstrated by the fact that we’ve been producing 100% recycled towels and tissue for nearly two decades.

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innov-lit-mockupWhat happens when you combine the desire for high-quality environmentally sensitive products with a cutting-edge papermaking technology? Premium green. With Wausau Paper’s expertise in green products and its use of ATMOS papermaking technology, the vision is now a reality.

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Towel Systems

roll-towel-systems-lit-mock-upWausau Paper offers a wide array of roll controlled towel systems to satisfy any facility’s need. These systems help control waste and reduce maintenance time reduction, ultimately saving costs. On all ADA compliant dispensers, controls and operating mechanisms are operable with one hand and do not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist.

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With twice the capacity of typical electronic towel dispensers, the Alliance® dispenser offers the highest capacity in the industry. The Alliance dispenser’s revolutionary design accommodates two full rolls of towels – up to 1,000′ each – with no need to move stub rolls. Combined with EcoSoft®, DublNature® or Artisan® Green Seal™-certified toweling, Alliance® offers a…

The Wave’n Dry® dispenser is a pioneer in the touch-free towel dispensing market. With no levers, buttons or cranks, the Wave’n Dry® dispenses a single towel at the wave of a hand, ensuring that the only thing you touch is your personal towel. Towels are stored fully protected inside the dispenser until you request service,…

Unique and elegant, the OptiServ Hybrid® offers the benefits of electronic touch-free dispensing as well as the convenience of mechanical dispensing when desired. In either mode the OptiServ Hybrid® delivers a single pre-measured towel that encourages users to take only what is needed to reduce waste making it ideal for office buildings, colleges and universities…

The OptiServ® offers flexibility, built into a functional and attractive design. With pre-measured dispensing, users are encouraged to take only the toweling that is needed, reducing paper waste. A dual-hinge system allows the dispenser door to open from either side, increasing the options for placement.

The OptiServ Accent® is ideal for environments where space is limited. Designed to fit tight spaces previously reserved for folded towels, the OptiServ Accent provides the operational benefits of a larger roll towel dispenser in a compact and attractive design.


Tissue Systems

Our OptiCore® technology, combined with our Revolution® and Dubl-Serv® dispensing systems, ensures maximum use of each roll in the dispenser before advancing to the next roll. This controlled-use reduces product waste and cost.  


Hand Care Systems

hand-care-systems-lit-mock-upWausau Paper offers a complete line of handwashing systems that supports superior cleanliness while also being kind to the environment. Many of our foam and lotion soaps meet Green SealTM standards and are certified as environmentally preferable. Our innovative dispensers are available in a variety of styles including electronic and manual for just the right washroom application.

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Custom Imprints


Imprinted Dispenser Program

Our custom imprint option replaces our logo with yours. Your washroom will have a professional, coordinated appearance with your organization’s logo on towel, tissue and soap dispensers.

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