Wausau Paper Innovation

The Industry’s Most Innovative Papermaking Now Available to You

What happens when you combine the desire for high-quality environmentally sensitive products with a cutting-edge papermaking technology? Premium green. With Wausau Paper’s expertise in green products and its use of ATMOS papermaking technology, the vision is now a reality. The flexible papermaking process utilizes carefully chosen structured fabrics to produce premium Green Seal™ certified products designed for enhanced performance and appearance. This allows Wausau Paper to offer green paper products with exceptional plushness, brightness, strength and absorbency.

Structured for Sustainability and Quality

Wausau Paper is the Green Leader for towel and tissue products in the away-from-home market. We continually strive to bring new and innovative products to the industry. Therefore, the choice was made to align with a technology that supports Wausau Paper’s Green Leadership position and affords the opportunity to offer unique products. Allowing the use of 100% recycled fibers, ATMOS is environmentally superior to alternative papermaking technologies including Through-Air-Dried (TAD). With Wausau Paper’s molding fabrics, paper products are also plush, soft, highly absorbent, and best of all, Green Seal™-certified. It is possible to produce high-quality towel and tissue products while supporting sustainability.


Fashionably Formed


Wausau Paper offers DublNature® and Artisan® roll and folded towel products made with innovative ATMOS technology. This process provides premium toweling with exceptional plushness, softness and brightness. Featuring unique surface patterns for a premium look and feel, DublNature® and Artisan® towels marry both feel and function to satisfy the most discerning customers.

Authentically Green®

AuthenticallyGreenLogoAll Wausau Paper products designed with ATMOS are certified as environmentally preferable by Green Seal, meeting comprehensive and strict guidelines for manufacture. Only Wausau Paper combines innovative papermaking and the finest quality fibers with the leading green certification giving you assurance of purchasing the most sustainable solution in premium paper products.

  • Green Seal™-certified
  • Energy and water efficient
  • Highest quality 100% recycled fibers
  • Made with safe and socially responsible practices