Shipping Information

Wausau Paper shipping policies and procedures provide customers of our Bay West brand products with the best delivery service possible. We offer the flexibility of full truckload and half truckload orders as well as drop shipments. Please review the guidelines below for more details.

All orders are subject to mill acceptance. Dispensing equipment may be purchased separately or in conjunction with paper products. Prices are subject to change without notice. Distributors shall be responsible for payment and reporting of any sales, use taxes, or other charges imposed by any government authority in the state in which they operate.

Truckload Definitions

When ordering, use unit and layer configurations as defined below to best determine what will fit in a truck.

Orders are shipped on 53’ trailers and will accommodate 23 to 30 units depending upon the product mix.

Unit is layers of cases stacked to a height from 87” to 100” (floor to ceiling trailer space) and fully shrink wrapped to lessen product damage in shipping and handling. Units may or may not be palletized. A Layer is used to configure a unit. When ordering in unit multiples is inconvenient, then layers must be used to assure best fit in the trailer. Cases per layer can be found on our website in the Product Catalog section and in the Products-at-a-Glance downloadable PDF file in Resources & Ideas section.

Cut and Fill Items are required on every truck order. These items must be a product listed on the purchase order.

  • All half-truckload orders will be accessed a $100.00 stop-off charge.
  • All truckload orders with an additional stop to a single customer (i.e. customer warehouse) will be accessed a $150.00 stop-off charge.

Pallet Sizes Available

  • 40” x 48” Unload with hand jack. 2-way pallet.
  • 48” x 40” Unload with fork lift. 4–way pallet.
  • 53” x 45” Bulk tissue; pallet reduces overhang damage

If pallets are desired, there is a $7.00 per pallet charge. Slip sheets have a charge of $2.50 per slip sheet.

Drop Shipments to End Users

Distributors may ship 200-case minimum orders directly to end users for an additional charge of $100.00, under the following conditions:

  • The drop shipment must be within the distributor’s trading zone.
  • The drop shipment must be within a 50-mile radius of the distributor.
  • The distributor must fill the balance of the trailer.

If a drop shipment is to be palletized or slip-sheeted, please notify Wausau Paper at the time of order. Routine charges will be applied.