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Thomas J. Howatt
Chairman of the Board
Mr. Howatt was appointed non-executive Chairman of the Board effective February 15, 2012.  Mr. Howatt was President and Chief Executive Officer of Wausau Paper from 2001 – 2011. Mr. Howatt joined Wausau Paper’s Specialty Products division in 1980, moving to the company’s Printing & Writing division in 1987.

Henry C. Newell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Newell became President and Chief Executive Officer of Wausau Paper in 2012, having served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since March 2011.  Previously Mr. Newell had been Senior Vice President, Paper, having joined the company in 2007 as corporate Vice President, Business Development.  Mr. Newell previously held leadership positions at Atlas Holdings, Packaging Dynamics, Georgia-Pacific, Fort James and James River. 

Sherri L. Lemmer
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Lemmer was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in May 2012 having previously served as Vice President, Finance and Information Technology and Interim Chief Financial Officer, since January 2012.  Ms. Lemmer previously served as Vice President, Corporate Controller/Assistant Secretary & Treasurer since 2005.  Ms. Lemmer joined the company in 1995, and has held various corporate financial roles during her tenure.

Patrick J. Medvecz
Senior Vice President, Operations
Mr. Medvecz has been Senior Vice President, Operations since March 2011, having been Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Technology since 2009.  Mr. Medvecz joined the company’s Specialty Products division in 1993, and previously held the role of Vice President Operations – Specialty Products.

Michael W. Nelson
Senior Vice President, Paper
Mr. Nelson has been Senior Vice President, Paper since March 2011.  Mr. Nelson, formerly Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Paper,  joined the company in 2007 as Vice President Sales & Marketing – Specialty Products. Prior to joining the company, he held sales and marketing leadership positions with Glatfelter.

Matthew L. Urmanski
Senior Vice President, Tissue
Mr. Urmanski was named Senior Vice President, Tissue in January 2012.  Mr. Urmanski joined Wausau Paper in February 2000 and was most recently Vice President, Administration, Tissue since 2009. Prior to that Mr. Urmanski was corporate Vice President, Financial Analysis and Business Support, beginning in January 2006 and Vice President Finance, Specialty Products beginning in 2002.  Prior to joining the Company he held roles in public accounting.

Curtis R. Schmidt
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Mr. Schmidt has been Senior Vice President , Human Resources since January 2012, having previously served as Corporate Vice President, Human Resources beginning in 2009.  Mr. Schmidt joined the company’s Brokaw mill as the Director of Human Resources in 1988, and more recently held the role of Vice President Human Resources – Printing & Writing.