Wausau Paper Expands and Upgrades Towel & Tissue Products Line

MOSINEE, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 4, 2007–Wausau Paper (NYSE:WPP) today announced the expansion of its line of value-added, towel and dispenser products, used in Class A office building and other away-from-home settings. Among the newly introduced products are redesigned DublSoft(R) premium towel and tissue lines, new DublSoft(R) OptiFold(TM) and EcoSoft(TM) Green Seal(R) OptiFold(TM) environmentally preferable towels, and additions to our Silhouette(R) dispensers available in a range of translucent colors that coordinate with higher-end away-from-home washroom environments.

Acting on the growing trend among building managers to emphasize restroom decor and comfort along with function, the company’s Towel & Tissue segment introduced DublSoft(R) folded and roll towels with an exclusive embossed leaf design and two-ply bath tissue with an embossed floral pattern. In addition to its appealing consumer-product-like characteristics, the previously introduced DublSoft(R) OptiCore(R) bath tissue features a patented two-part core for optimum savings in maintenance time and costs.

DublSoft(R) OptiFold(TM) is a premium towel designed for Class A office buildings, luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, and similar establishments. The EcoSoft(TM) Green Seal(R) OptiFold(TM) toweling is ideal for “green” applications such as hotels, colleges and universities, government buildings, and healthcare facilities that mandate use of environmentally preferable products.

Towel & Tissue’s Silhouette(R) folded towel dispensers are designed to help building managers reduce waste by dispensing OptiFold(TM) folded towels one at a time. The sleek Silhouette(R) design is available in both standard and compact sizes and an array of translucent colors.

“With these new product introductions, our Towel & Tissue business demonstrates once again its unique understanding of the away-from-home marketplace and builds upon the success it has achieved over the last several years meeting customer needs and adding value in a highly commoditized arena,” commented Thomas J. Howatt, Wausau Paper president and chief executive officer. “It is exactly this approach to innovative new product development which will continue to fuel strong growth for our Towel & Tissue business.”

Wausau Paper offers a complete line of Bay West(R) brand towel, tissue, wiper, soap and dispensing systems for the away-from-home washroom market. The Bay West(R) product line includes EcoSoft(TM) and EcoSoft(TM) Green Seal(R) 100% recycled towels and tissue, DublSoft(R) premium towels and tissue, Dubl-Tough(R) industrial wipers, Silhouette(R) dispensers, and the Wave’n Dry(R) dispenser. For more information on Bay West(R) products and services, please contact the customer service department at 1-800-723-0001 or e-mail inquiries to contactbaywest@wausaupaper.com.

About Wausau Paper:

Wausau Paper, with record revenues of $1.2 billion in fiscal 2006, produces and markets fine printing and writing papers, technical specialty papers, and “away-from-home” towel and tissue products. To learn more about Wausau Paper visit: http://www.wausaupaper.com.

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