Providing specialty release liner solutions to world markets.

Coated products from Wausau Paper deliver differentiated products with a high level of service to our customers. We offer broad capabilities in 1-side and 2-side coated substrates. Our specialized chemistries balanced with our focused approach to paper making support our reputation as a market leader and innovator.

As your valued partner, products are designed cooperatively, giving you the individual attention you need to achieve your goals and objectives.

About Us

ppi_awards_2012 Wausau Paper’s coating division began in 1931 with an offsite operation called Transpara. Wax and glue laminating were our primary converting methods. These products provided a moisture barrier and were used primarily for the food industry. In the 60’s we expanded our mill site and brought the converting unit in house. At that time we added a PVDC coater to further expand our capabilities, which was later converted to a solvent silicone coater. In 1995 we removed our waxers and added a solventless coater, again expanding our coating capabilities. Over the years we continued to upgrade our equipment and silicone technology, this coupled with our continued efforts toward innovation has provided us with a leading edge in the market place.


coated-products Our technical staff’s research and development experience creates a foundation for successful new product partnerships in a variety of applications. Typical products are carrier liners, transfer liners and casting sheets used in advanced composites, labels, tapes, graphic arts and medical markets.

Coated products from Wausau Paper have the following capabilities to achieve your desired results:

  • 2-side coating capability
  • Differential release
  • Flexo printing
  • Controlled COF

In addition to calendered papers, virtually any substrate can be specified including: glassine, clay-coated paper and poly-coated paper.

Custom solutions using new technologies and chemistries that go beyond traditional release products can become reality with our expert R&D resources.

Producing silicone (solvent, emulsion & solventless systems) and non-silicone coated substrates allows us to serve a variety of market segments. High quality products matched with our narrow width slitting and warehousing support make us a reliable source to our customers in the following markets:

Advanced Composites
Products used as prepreg tape liner, both as a process liner and carrier liner. Coated 1-side and coated 2-side liners are used in automotive, recreational, construction, wind energy and aerospace applications.

Products used as a carrier for supported and unsupported adhesives. Coated 1-side and coated 2-side sheets are used in automotive, industrial and packaging applications.

Products used as release liner for primary and secondary consumer product labels. Roll stock and sheeted liners are used in packaging, electronic print and hand-applied applications.

Graphic Arts
Products used as release liner for printed graphic face stock. Liners are used as backing for graphic films, performance graphics and durable markings in outdoor advertising and transportation fleet marking.

Products used as release liner for medical dressings and tapes. Custom designed liners used in bandages, medical tapes and specialty applications.

Specialty Applications
Products designed for specific end-uses and customized for individual customers that do not fall into primary market categories. Casting sheets, industrial processing sheets and other forming sheets used in various applications in a range of markets.

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