Environmental Management

Wausau Paper also conforms to the Environmental Management System or EMS, through the Wisconsin Paper Council. Our EMS participation ensures compliance with all resource quality regulations. We strive to meet or exceed expectations of Federal and State regulatory standards for responsible protection of our natural resources.

Air Quality

All air emissions are closely monitored, evaluated and controlled for minimum environmental impact. Our growing use of bio-fuels has decreased fossil fuel consumption and air emissions in our pulp mill operations.


Water Management

The water management programs Wausau Paper has in place are designed to maintain integrity of potable water systems and minimize overall consumption of water. Our wastewater treatment facilities purify process water before discharge from the mills. In five years we reduced water use by 35% across our locations through sustainable manufacturing programs. We reclaim heat from the water we use, saving energy and reducing river temperature impact. Our hydro dams create flowages, wetland ecosystems and recreational opportunities.


Water Conservation

The water management programs we have in place are designed to maintain potable and process water system integrity.


Wastewater Management

Our facilities are designed to eliminate, reduce, or recycle their wastewater streams. Wastewater treatment systems help maintain effluent quality.


Storm Water

Segregating drainage water reduces water contamination potential. As an added safety measure, our facilities also have containment and control systems in place.


Energy Conservation

Energy conservation and use reduction is a major focus for our mills. The energy required per ton of paper has been reduced by 25%. Our energy taskforce teams manage and minimize energy use. Bio-fuels are burned to generate steam for our operations, recovering energy, replacing fossil fuels and reducing landfill use. Bio-fuel generates green energy and prevents creation of additional greenhouse gas. Hydropower dams generate 15% of our total electrical needs from renewable river resources. We also generate power for public utilities in emergency situations.


Waste Minimization

Each Wausau Paper facility minimizes emissions and waste by committing to a reduce–reuse–recycle & recover philosophy. We continue to improve our process, successfully eliminating 20,000+ pounds of fiber by-products and discharges per day across our locations. Recycling waste papers conserves energy, trees, chemicals and landfill space. Composting waste water treatment plant solids eliminates landfill use and the soil friendly compost reduces fertilizer consumption.


Join Us in our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

We actively promote sustainable practices and products by developing new affiliations and certifications. Wausau also verifies suppliers’ environmental policies. Our 100,000+ acres are open to the public with an endorsement for low impact recreational land use. We are working hard to do the right thing for our environment, future generations are depending on us all. We believe choosing Wausau Paper products for your business is a responsible and economical choice you can feel good about.

Fiber Sourcing Policy
In paper products using the Forest Stewardship Council certified label, Wausau Paper Corp. is committed to implement its best purchasing efforts to avoid trading and sourcing wood or wood fiber from:

  • Illegally harvested wood.
  • Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights.
  • Wood harvested in forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities.
  • Wood harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use.
  • Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.

Each of our facilities works to minimize emissions and wastes that negatively impact the environment. We adhere to the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover philosophy.

Painting, housekeeping and outside storage standards help ensure that the facility appearances meet community values.

Air Quality
Not all emissions can be eliminated, reused, or recycled. Sources of these byproducts are monitored, evaluated, and controlled for minimum environmental impact.

Water Conservation
We seek to optimize our processes to minimize freshwater use, meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and return this renewable resource to the environment in superior condition.

Waste Water Management and Storm Water Management
We recycle our waste water streams to reclaim valuable fiber, additive and thermal energy resources. Storm water is also managed through containment and control systems to minimize interference with the papermaking and wastewater treatment process.

We protect area surface and ground water from process, transfer and storage spills through exacting containment area design and handling procedures.

Our Employees
Employees are encouraged to comply with both the spirit as well as the letter of the laws protecting the environment. Only through this diligent effort can we be certain than Wausau Paper is maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection.

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