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GreenSeal25thIn a marketplace with confusing environmental product claims and emerging third-party certified paper products, it’s no wonder consumers are overwhelmed. How do you choose the right products? This is where Wausau Paper’s leadership can help. As the pioneer in the away-from-home market, we offer the most extensive line of Green Seal™ certified products featuring innovative solutions and complementary dispensing systems as the best alternative for your facility.


Wausau Paper has a long history of offering products that meet both the needs of our customers and the changing demands of the market. This is evidenced by our producing 100% recycled towels and tissue for over two decades. With the rising importance of the global green movement, we understood the significance of substantiating our product claims and became the first paper company to offer a complete line of Green Seal-certified products. Believing in our green platform, Wausau Paper invested in innovative papermaking technology to offer premium green products, again changing the way the market views environmentally responsible products.

  • First complete line of Green Seal™ certified paper products introduced in 2003
  • First paper company to offer Green Seal™ certified towels, tissue and soap
  • First greenfield paper mill utilizing ATMOS technology to produce premium Green Seal™ certified
  • Strong commitment to service and delivering whatever the customer values


Wausau Paper provided the most extensive offering of Green Seal™ certified products in the industry – much more than the “me too” offerings available today. We have products to meet any type of facility need from standard to premium. Whether it’s a school, hospital, restaurant, hotel or office building, we have the correct environmentally preferable product for you.

  • Three paper product lines: Green Seal™-certified, EcoSoft®, DublNature® and Artisan®
  • Two product types: controlled-use and universal
  • Variety of paper substrates: conventional (white, natural white, and natural) and ATMOS
  • Broad product categories: roll and folded towels, centerpull towels, household roll towels, single roll and jumbo roll towels, facial tissue, toilet seat covers, and OptiSource® foam soap


AuthenticallyGreenLogoBe assured that the products you receive from Wausau Paper are Authentically Green™. Certified by Green Seal, Inc., our EcoSoft®, DublNature® and Artisan®products feature environmental attributes that are substantiated and audited by the most stringent and comprehensive third-party standard in the industry. The Green Seal® takes the guesswork out of the green evaluation process.

  • 100% recycled – made entirely from recovered fibers
  • No use of chlorine, its derivatives, or other harmful chemicals in bleaching and de-inking processes
  • Free of added fragrances, heavy metals, harsh compounds
  • Manufactured within water and energy use guidelines
  • Reduced-waste and recyclable packaging


We are not complacent with our success, but continually look for innovative product ideas and solutions for customers in the marketplace. Wausau Paper strives to be on the forefront of important ideas in environmentally preferable products. This is evidenced in our introduction of products made with new ATMOS technology.

  • Flexible paper technology utilizing carefully chosen structured woven fabrics for enhanced quality and performance
  • Ability to utilize 100% recycled fibers, unlike competing technologies
  • Sustainable manufacturing solution – reduced water and energy consumption


To complement our Green Seal™-certified products, we offer a wide range of dispensing systems that control use and discourage waste. Together, our dispensers and Green Seal™-certified products offer the best environmental alternative. Dispensing systems can also be customized to your facility for just the right look.

  • Control use and reduce waste to save time and money
  • High-capacity towel, tissue and soap dispensers decrease maintenance time and cost
  • Touch-free and hands-free options prevent cross-contamination
  • Custom imprinting and color choices are available for a unique, coordinated washroom appearance


Wausau Paper provides exceptional service at every level to satisfy our customers. From sales to customer service, we commit ourselves not only to providing the right products, but delivering on time with shipping methods that reduce impact on the environment.

  • Inside sales/customer service representatives provide personalized service
  • Knowledgeable consultative sales representatives are focused on working with their customers
  • Outstanding delivery service – case fill rates average over 99%
  • Quality sales and marketing support – point of sale and custom literature
  • U.S. EPA SmartWay℠ Transport Partner – improve environmental performance of our freight operations to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions

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Green Seal™ is a trademark of Green Seal, Inc. in Washington, DC. Used by permission.
ATMOS is a trademark of Voith GmbH in Heidenheim, Germany. Used by permission.