Wausau Paper is a leading producer of environmentally conscious towel, tissue, soap and dispensing products for away-from-home markets such as commercial and governmental office buildings, academic and medical facilities and other users favoring the use of “green” washroom products.

Well-defined core strategies have set Wausau Paper apart in an increasingly undifferentiated industry. Our strategic imperatives are straightforward: maximize the returns of our business in those markets in which we enjoy competitive advantage; identify markets in which we can leverage our expertise and grow our business profitably; bring innovative new products to the markets we serve; and interact with our customers in as many ways as possible to move beyond the commodity nature of much of the paper industry and deliver service they highly value. We support these initiatives with operational proficiency–while continuously raising the bar on how we define excellence.

Founded in 1899 as Wausau Paper Mills Company, Wausau Paper was initially listed on the NASDAQ exchange in March 1974. In March 1998, the company merged with Mosinee Paper Corporation, and was then known as the Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corporation. The company’s public listing was subsequently moved to the New York Stock Exchange and its trading symbol changed to NYSE:WMO. In 2004, a re- branding and corporate identity initiative changed the company’s name to Wausau Paper and our ticker symbol became NYSE:WPP.

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